The Story of Fantasia Home Parties

1987partyOnce upon a time, in 1984, a woman named Rina Valan was frustrated about the limits placed on women in the business world and in their personal relationships. Back then, you literally had one choice: raise a family or have a career. In addition, if women complained of lack of pleasure with a partner, it was just assumed she was ‘frigid.’ Those choices were just not acceptable to Rina, and so her mission because clear to be that champion for the financial and personal well-being of women and their partners.

With a $10,000 loan from her mother and drawing out all her cash advances on credit cards, in August 1984 Rina started Fantasia Home Parties in a small dusty warehouse in Elizabeth, NJ. She loved her 3 year old daughter so much that she could not bear to leave her with a sitter, so she took her to work every day. In the evenings would train new consultants so they could sell at home parties and be able to support their families AND be there to take care of them too.

convention5Today, Rina and her daughter, Emily, still work side by side.

So nearly 30 years later, Fantasia Home Parties stands as the pioneer and leader in romance home parties. As one of the founding member of CAHPA (Certified Adult Home Party Association), Fantasia continues to forge the trail and we make it possible for women to be equals in matters of the heart, personal pleasure, or providing income for themselves and family. Some of us do it in pink high heels or sneakers, some are single or married, some are single moms, or some of us are even taking care of own moms.

Meet our President and Founder, Rina Valan.


With over 33 years of executive experience in the Home Party and Direct Selling business, her personal attention and real life experience is the backbone of our team. It is not unusual that she shares her working experience daily by coaching and with personal support with both new and experienced consultants. Take a moment and read her blog, the Daily Juice.


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