Host Your Own Romance Party


As a valued hostess, you will earn an incredible free shopping spree at your party. Enjoy having the opportunity to choose which products you want to earn absolutely free. Not to mention, there are many other outstanding perks your Consultant will provide for you.

Your LOVEWINX consultant will present our products in a classy and educational way which will give you the opportunity to touch, smell, taste, and view everything we have to offer in the comfort of your home. After the presentation, you and your guests will purchase products in a private, confidential shopping room and take your order home immediately. All ordering is always done with the utmost privacy.

How About a Varty? We just invented it!

Varty Banner What’s a Lovewinx Varty? It’s like a real party except we’re here on line, and you can SEE AND hear everyone! It’s live video, and we’ll have games, drawings, laughs and learning about sensuous arousal products and more! We created this whole new experience–join in and see what it’s all about! Email us direct with your request:


At LOVEWINX, we pride ourselves on educating all of our Consultants to provide the highest quality party every time. Our parties are designed to educate you on new ways to live life more passionately, empower you to love your beautiful body, and provide revolutionary products that enhance your life.

Our parties are specifically designed for adult women only. We seek to empower and educate women at every stage of life and strive to make everyone at our parties feel comfortable in every way. Because our Consultants are properly trained, they will be able to provide you and your guests with countless ways to feel more beautiful, live more passionately, and discover new ways to ignite your sexual experiences.